Privacy Policy

How we handle your information.


JS Fine Art collects information about you in various ways. They are not complicated and we have explained them below along with details on who to contact if you have any questions and how to remove your information from our systems.


When you visit our website like all others we install what's called a Cookie in your bowser to help speed things up for you and recognise the machine so you will not see forms and the like popping up repeatedly. It does not store any other personal information than that.

Mailing List

On our Catalogues Page and on our Mailing List page, we invite people to provide their name and email address so we can notify them of upcoming auctions and other company news or cancellation information. These emails are served by a mailing company system called MyEmma which we use to send you our emails. Every email has an OPT OUT link in the footer and by signing up, you agree for us to send you the occasional email. The only data recorded is your name and email address.

Callback Requests & CRM

On our Homepage and Valuations page we offer an opportunity for people to enter their name, email and telephone number so we can call them back at their convenience. In spite of clear details saying that the two requests are different, we still get some people using this form to sign up for our Catalogue requests. To that end, it is possible that by using our callback request form, you may be added to our mailing list above. Information submitted to our Callback Request forms goes into our CRM system which is a Hubspot system that allows us to keep you on file so we can record our ineteractions with you and hopefully serve you better. We record your name and contact details only, unless you are a Customer, in which case we may keep a record of our email interactions and calls with you. You can ask us to delete all your details unless of course for our own protection you are a client for whom we need to retain any pertinent information like records of purchases etc.


Please review our Privacy and Cookies Policy HERE

Contact Details

For any further information or to request deletion of your personal data, please contact and we will respond within 24hrs.